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Minim + MikroTik cloud management: Automate MikroTik firmware updates

Last week, Minim announced that its MikroTik cloud management platform can now directly manage MikroTik device firmware in subscriber homes. The feature enables automated device updates and centralized device visibility for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), eliminating the time, cost, and complexity for ISPs that manually manage these updates. 

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Minim can integrate with low-cost routers, like MikroTik, to improve connectivity, achieve more accessibility to homes, and strengthen support for ISPs. With the new Mikrotik firmware management feature, ISPs can ensure MikroTik routers are kept up to date automatically, removing the time burden of managing these updates. Whereas, individual updates take an average of 10 to 15 minutes per router to perform. 

Senior Director of Parks Associates' Smart Home research practice Mark Vena addresses the opportunity it creates for ISPs:  

Affordable router solutions that address slow speed, WiFi interruption, and home coverage gaps are highly sought by consumers and help bridge the digital divide. Software architectures that support low-cost routers have a great opportunity to capitalize on the strong growth expected in the rural U.S. broadband market and developing economies. 


Minim Launches MikroTik Router Firmware Management Feature for Internet Service Providers - Intrado GlobalNewswire 

Our latest innovation automates vital security updates and makes the firmware updating process far less cumbersome.

Update and manage MikroTik firmware from afar: Results in a flash

The Minim Flash Tool works as a simple, 4-step process to remotely configure and update MikroTik routers with DHCP Client, PPPoE, or Static IP configurations. Once up-and-running after installation, maintaining firmware is as easy as a flip of a toggle in the Minim Care Portal. Firmware updates are set for an out-of-sight, out-of-mind time frame for subscribers between 2:00 AM-4:00 AM local time. This default can be easily customized by notifying our support team. 

<img src=“minim-mikrotik-certified-software-partner.png” alt=“minim-manage-remote-MikroTik-firmware-updates-for-automated-MikroTik-cloud-managment”>
Never forget a firmware update – Schedule and automatically update MikroTik routers by enabling the Mikrotik Firmware management feature in the Minim Care Portal.

For even faster results, Minim's Bulk Flash Tool lets ISP customers access a network switch and Raspberry Pi to update up to 20 routers simultaneously. Setup is a breeze with help from our support team. 

<img src=“firmware-diagram-showing-minim-mikrotik-certified-software-partner.png” alt=“minim-manage-remote-MikroTik-firmware-updates-for-automated-MikroTik-cloud-managment”>Learn more about how we minimize the workload for subscribers and ISPs in the above diagram of the Minim-MikroTik interaction. 

Subscribers already love the performance of up to 10Gbps with MikroTik routers, and service providers love the straightforward remote management enough to praise the hardware with a 9.4 out of 10 rating on Trust Radius. Keep subscribers modernized and secure with automated firmware updates on four popular MikroTik models: 

  • MikroTik RB4011 
  • MikroTik hAP AC 
  • MikroTik hAP AC2 
  • MikroTik hAP AC Lite 

<img src=“network-devices-minim-mikrotik-certified-software-partner.png” alt=“minim-manage-remote-MikroTik-firmware-updates-for-automated-MikroTik-cloud-managment”>

The Network Devices section of the Minim Care Portal provides ISPs with information on individual subscriber hardware, including firmware versions. MikroTik devices with available updates are displayed, and service providers can choose to apply firmware updates with a simple click of a button. For technicians who prefer a command-line interface, we also feature the option to update via SSH.  

All firmware updates go through a quality assurance process in our firmware management platform, meaning we test for compatibility before release. Providers willing to be part of beta releases are given priority to the frontline of updates, and we monitor any issues before deploying a controlled, properly scaled release to general availability for all providers.  

This model avoids throttling single networks with an overwhelming workload, minimizes risk in the upgrade process, and allows the freedom to choose when and how to manage your services. For granular insight on evolutions with each update, an on-demand changelog is provided. 

MikroTik cloud management for home network safety and service

Our software solutions have supported over 140 Internet service providers around the world to retain subscribers and increase revenue, but don't just take our word for it. Read how WISP Skyweb Illinois leveraged our Care Portal and home network management app to report benefits such as: 

  • 90% reduction in costly support calls and truck rolls 
  • $10 increase in average revenue per user 
  • 98% take rate on Minim-powered hardware + software 

We provide ISPs with free resources to help build their business and serve their customers as part of our mission to make everyone’s connected home safe and easy to use for life and work. Check out some of the blogs listed below or contact our team to tell us what you'd like to learn to take your service to the next level. 

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