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Remote working WiFi

The challenge


WiFi support needed

With an average of 12 devices, today's home has an SMB-size network without the IT support. Employees are left to wrestle with sluggish and unreliable WiFi connectivity in their home work environment.


Corporate security risk

Every month, 38% of homes experience malware. Even with a VPN, companies are now exposed to smart home vulnerabilities like router hacks, devices' listening in, lateral IoT attacks, and more. 


Big Brother unwelcome

Employees need help optimizing and securing their WFH network. But, they don’t want cumbersome equipment or Big Brother in their personal spaces. IT assistance is needed. Privacy is too. 

The Minim solution

The AI-driven cloud-controlled WiFi platform for businesses to support remote connectivity while preserving employee privacy. Minim's Bring Your Own Network™ solution delivers a powerful WiFi system and mobile app for the remote worker, as well as a central control web app for IT personnel.


Minim-powered WiFi

Powerful, affordable WiFi systems with Zero Touch Provisioning to create the Minim network. The Minim-powered Motorola® system boasts AC2200 Tri-Band WiFi and 6,000 ft of coverage.


Minim® Remote Assistant

A mobile app for employees to create separate Work and Home networks and selectively share with IT for support. Helps employees self-diagnose WiFi performance issues, such as low signal strength or speeds, as well as set home policies for security, ad block, listening device pause, and more. 


Minim® Edge Extend

A web application that grants IT personnel and MSPs visibility into their Minim network with insights including: employee network usage, health scores, mesh system settings management, and vulnerability analysis from a proprietary AI-driven IoT firewall.

Minim Care Portal,  mobile app, and Motorola MH7022
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Ensure security and productivity

Forcivity’s national customer base depends on our staff to help them optimize vital sales and support operations... With tools like Minim, we’re able to ensure that this shift to working from home doesn’t compromise security or worker productivity.”

Steve Baines, Forcivity CEO


How Minim helps employees and employers co-manage and optimize the remote working environment

  • Minim score provides a proprietary network health assessment by monitoring device performance and security.
  • Device fingerprinting displays exactly which devices are connected and their attributes (make, model, MAC and IP address, OS...) 
  • Device usage shows device bandwidth consumption over time. See when devices are active and pinpoint data.
  • View content by category allows the employer to see the kinds of web activities performed by the employee as a percentage of both time and data consumption.
  • AI security provides real-time scanning and protection against router attacks, ransomware, network intrusions, trojans, botnets, worms, spyware, known exploits, and SSID spoofing.
  • Device profiles allow the employee to create a profile for a group of devices and set schedules on internet access— allowing for prioritization of bandwidth for productivity devices.  
  • Signal strength provides a measure and rating of the device's signal strength, as well as recommendations— e.g. switch to 5 GHz. 
  • Device speed test allows for speed testing from the router to the device to indicate whether the device has enough speed for work activities. 
  • Credentials management enables easy SSID and password management, plus the ability to share with trusted guests.
  • Auto channel selection chooses the optimal WiFi channel per radio by automatically reviewing contention by neighboring access points. 
  • Traffic analysis allows the employee (only) to see in their mobile app their time and data spent per website in a given hour, day, or week. 
  • Whole home coverage allows the employee to place as many Minim mesh routers needed to cover their home, eliminating dead spots.
  • Network topology displays each Minim router, the devices connected to it, and their signal strengths.  
  • Ad block allows the remote worker to block ads on all connected devices for faster page loads.
  • Adult site block enables the remote worker to ensure all websites landed on are work appropriate.

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Minim makes it easy for both the employer and employee to get started. 


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Sign up for a demo Minim account and get a tour with a Minim specialist. Demo WiFi system packs are also available for in-home testing. 

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Select your annual services and Minim WiFi systems for a low monthly fee. Submit your employee addresses for shipping direct to homes. Zero touch.

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Your employees will receive their WiFi systems and the Minim app for simple step-by-step guidance, from powering the device on to AP placement.

All systems go


See employee Work networks and security scans. Now you have complete visibility and control in their WFH environments.

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Custom-fit for the home and work environment size, the Minim router ensures quality and secure WiFi connectivity. Employees can connect their work devices to be co-managed by their employer.

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