IoT security for smart homes

Protect smart homes with AI-driven network security, usable by mere mortals

Minim can help
IoT security

The challenge

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IoT explosion

Thousands of smart home devices are hitting the market. Most lack built-in security and can't be upgraded easily, or ever, creating a larger, vulnerable attack surface.

Real threats

We're seeing a 600% YoY increase in home IoT attacks (Symantec), and approximately 90% of consumers are rightfully concerned about their security/privacy (EIU).
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Gateway variability

Operators often contend with more than four generations of their own Customer Premise Equipment in addition to customer-owned equipment.
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Cybercrime is costly

DoS attack costs an enterprise 1.5 million dollars on average, and 64% of enterprises surveyed reported reputation damage (Akamai).
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Simplicity is vital

Enterprise solutions can't be repurposed for the home as they are expensive and daunting, requiring IT personnel to operate. Consumers need simple, usable security.
Impending regulation

Impending regulation

Around the world, regulations are coming: GDPR is rolling out; damages are costly. State (CA, WA) and Fed (SAFETY Act) actions show increasing likelihood of regulation.

The Minim solution

True network-level threat detection and notification for the home using invisible monitoring.
AI security

AI security

Minim uses advanced AI and machine learning to detect anomalous behavior and stop all types of threats.
Privacy protection

Privacy protection

Minim provides advanced, infrastructure-grade cybersecurity while keeping customer identity and data confidential.
Admission control

Admission control

Minim protects unwanted devices from joining WiFi networks and provides simple guest network creation.
System hardening

System hardening

Minim automatically protects the router, itself, from attacks and compromises.
Device isolation

Device isolation

Minim automatically protects the home gateway router from both misconfiguration and compromise.

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Minim's approach is spot on

Consumers demand mobile and computer security as a baseline. (Just have a look at Apple's marketing.) But as IoT exploits make scary headlines, consumers are coming to the realization that endpoint security simply won't cut it. Minim's approach is spot on: comprehensive, AI-driven network-level security."

Jon Rajewski, Founder, Senator Leahy Center for Digital Investigation and Minim Security Advisor


It's a new era. Smart home adoption is moving network security to top of mind for service providers. Minim will help you assess your risks and opportunities.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate values

Does your company stand for digital well being and family safety?

Is it built into your mission?

If you surveyed your customer base, how would they score your concern and practices?

Public relations

Does Management understand the new security challenges in the smart home?

Are you tracking the latest security incidents that might concern your customers?

Do your employees know how to protect their own homes?

Have you educated customer-facing care and operations teams?

Customer care

Customer support

What percentage of your support tickets raise home network or child safety concerns?

If you phoned your care team right now, do they have the tools and training to make security and parental control recommendations?

Customer satisfaction

How does the following impact your customer churn: seeking more advanced security services, seeking advanced parental controls services, QoE degradation due to device security vulnerabilities (the latter can be impossible to investigate without security platform). 



Fleet management

Can your operations teams proactively manage router firmware in the field and detect security vulnerabilities in real-time?


Emergency response

Is your operations department prepared to respond to wide-scale security incidents, e.g. the FBI and DOJ's call to network operators in response to VPNFilter on affected routers? 

Truck rolls

What percentage of truck rolls are actually due to smart home device security vulnerabilities that your operations team can't detect?




What percentage of your customer base would pay for additional services, such as parental controls and smart home security?

Would they purchase in a premium service bundle, e.g. Whole Home WiFi, and/or as a separate add-on?

Win rate

Are you competing with broadband service providers who offer smart home security and parental controls?

Is this solution parity affecting your sales and marketing win rates?


How many customers cancel or don't renew services because of performance problems that were actually due to device security vulnerabilities? (This is hard to track without a solution in place.)

How many customers leave for competitors who have comprehensive parental controls and security services?

Traditional security technologies aren't enough

While there are certainly benefits to using technologies such as VPN, firewall, and antivirus software for security, they lack any real impact in the smart home."


The many benefits of protecting your subscriber home networks.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by protecting customers from privacy and security breaches, and educating them about their home networks.
  • Increase ARPU by bundling and upselling value-added services such as advanced parental controls and IoT security.
  • Reduce churn by proactively identifying and remedying security issues that affect home WiFi performance.
  • Strengthen brand trust by publishing your commitment to cybersecurity and how many attacks you've blocked on your network.
  • Grow market share by better competing on comprehensive cybersecurity and digital parenting services.
  • Lower OpEx by better managing your router fleet and cybersecurity response capabilities— don't be caught off guard.