Self care and
easy install

Give subscribers simple tools because they don't like support calls, either

Minim can help
Minim-powered router and mobile app self-install wizard

The challenge

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Support strain

As over 75% of U.S. homes now use WiFi as their primary connection, it's no wonder service providers are dealing with more WiFi-related support calls than ever.
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Technical overhead

Your whole home WiFi system might be spectacular, but if you need a technician to perform every install, you'll hamper your business growth and margins. 
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Digital parenting

From screen addiction to inappropriate content, the internet can be a dangerous place for children. Do you deliver modern parental controls for the smart home era?

The Minim solution

Digitally transform your customer care experience with self-service tools and omni-channel support.
Self setup

Self setup

The Minim mobile app provides subscribers with a simple guided setup flow, catered to your chosen hardware. 
Usable apps

Usable app

Minim’s mobile app gives your subscribers everything they need to administer their own home networks.
IoT intelligence

IoT intelligence

Minim’s proprietary IoT fingerprinting technology and AI recommendations help subscribers optimize their network.
Parental controls

Parental controls

Minim provides thoughtful features for today's needs, such as homework mode, which limits gaming and social media while allowing web research.
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Cutting-edge WiFi

Minim has designed an intuitive self-setup flow for our GL.iNet routers and enables a cutting-edge WiFi management features. We look forward to what's next."
Dr. Alfie Zhao, CTO, GL.iNet

The process

Minim's team of experts is here to support your journey towards a world-class customer experience.



What are your specific goals when it comes to implementing self setup and/or self care?

Would you prefer a solution that offers white labeling?



How many generations of CPE do you already have in the field (to dictate the setup flows you will need to provide)?



How will you communicate your new self-care and install process to existing and new subscribers?

How will you gather customer feedback about the new tools?



If you're upselling services such as whole home WiFi or parental controls, what is your take rate?

For those customers, are you experiencing a lower cancellation rate? Lower call volumes? 


Less overhead for you, more happiness for your customers.
  • Cut setup costs by empowering your customers to get up and running without scheduling a technician.
  • Reduce support calls by giving customers the tools to troubleshoot their problems without assistance.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering premium WiFi and digitally-transformed self care.  
  • Lead the market as an innovative, customer-centric brand that cares about customers' digital wellbeing.
  • Accelerate growth with efficient self-setup tools, removing costly install truckrolls.
  • Lower support strain with a top-notch WiFi system, so customers don't seek unmanaged alternatives.