Whole home managed WiFi

To the smart home, the broadband quality is only as good as the WiFi signal

Minim can help

The challenge

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Existing CPE

You're likely supporting numerous CPE generations already. Having to rip-and-replace hardware to deliver better WiFi is less than ideal.

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Network complexity

The smart home market is exploding, WiFi protocols are evolving, and no two home networks look alike. Yet, each subscriber expects WiFi to "just work." 

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Budget friendly

Unlike enterprises, consumers need a WiFi system that's budget-friendly. It should also be simple to setup and manage, requiring no on-site visit from an IT technician.

The Minim solution

Subscribers are turning to third-party, unmanaged WiFi solutions every day to ease their WiFi performance and security troubles. Network operators have the opportunity to step in.

CPE agnostic

CPE agnostic

Minim's integratable platform gives you options: leverage your existing field CPE or deploy new equipment. 
IoT intelligence

IoT intelligence

Minim addresses every unique network with AI-driven IoT intelligence, making recommendations when devices need more resources.
Curated WiFi

Curated WiFi

With user prioritization settings and deep IoT intel, Minim delivers a WiFi experience that has been expertly crafted with simplicity in mind.


Informed mesh

Minim's fingerprinting and IoT insights can supercharge mesh implementations, making dynamic decisions based on a device's unique needs.

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The process

Ready to develop and implement a whole home managed WiFi solution to improve your subscribers' connected experience? Minim is here to support you through the process.



What are your specific business needs when it comes to implementing a managed WiFi solution?

What other solutions have you considered?



How many generations of CPE do you already have in the field?

How will you go about incorporating your new managed WiFi solution?



How will you communicate your new whole home managed WiFi offering to existing and new subscribers? 

Do you know what features would be most important to your subscribers?



How will you upsell this new service? 

Do you know what price point(s) your subscriber base would be willing to pay? 

How are other operators upselling their whole home WiFi services?

No upfront capital

There's no upfront capital. I didn't have to go out and completely reinstall or build something… I could just simply add a router. And it's worked out very easily and simply."

Bill Bauer, CEO + Founder, InterTECH


Optimize, manage, and secure home networks with Minim.
  • Increase ARPU as you upsell Whole Home Managed WiFi services to subscribers.
  • Improve the connected experience by delivering safe, reliable WiFi to all corners of the home.
  • Get to market faster with a solution that works with your existing installed base.
  • Deliver additional managed WiFi services that subscribers actively seek, like Parental Controls.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and lower subscriber churn as you deliver a premium WiFi experience.
  • Decrease support costs as you empower subscribers to take control of their home networks.