IPTV and WiFi management

Quality IPTV requires superior WiFi performance, everywhere

Minim can help
Minim powered smart TV and set-top box

The challenge

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Network complexity

Smart homes have 10+ devices, all competing for WiFi resources on multiple access points. What happens when there's a snag? If the IPTV stream takes a hit, so might your cancellation rate.
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CPE integration

You've carefully vetted the IPTV solution— but how does it integrate with the gateways and extenders? A holistic, integrated approach enables network self-healing, before that support call.
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Setup experience

Your IPTV solution might be spectacular, but if it's too confusing to deploy for the technician or subscriber, you'll run into suboptimal setups— resulting in increased truckrolls and return rates.

The Minim solution

In a world full of OTT streaming services, your seamless WiFi and IPTV customer experience is your key differentiator. 

Auto band/channel steering

Minim's fingerprinting and IoT database help steer all devices to the best band to optimize performance.


Self install setup wizards

With dynamic router identification and integration with your system, Minim’s setup wizard will help your technicians (and even your subscribers) install CPE and OTT.


Auto bandwidth management

Algorithms based on device needs, detailed in the Minim IoT database, and prioritization set by Minim Profiles.

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Don’t rip and replace. Don’t even cap and grow! Minim can be integrated with your IPTV solution and hundreds of router make/models.

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To keep customers happy...

The ability to manage complexity efficiently will have a direct impact on the adoption rate of new services and overall customer satisfactions. To keep customers happy, service providers must provide a consistent level of product quality and reliability; automation is the key."
Delivering the Promise of IPTV, a publication by IEC

The process

Minim can be a valuable partner at any stage in your IPTV implementation, identifying your key objectives and hurdles so we can break through, together. 


Business case

Can you segment your customers by streaming services to which they already subscribe? 

Which customers are likely to be interested in an IPTV solution, and at what price point?


Which hardware and software combinations are you considering? 

Can they integrate with your Whole Home WiFi solution?

What are the costs: licensing, deployment, support?



How will you measure customer acquisition, activation rates, revenue, retention rates?

Cost per deployment?

Customer satisfaction?


In the vendor selection process, how will you safeguard your deployment and support costs with your IPTV vendors?

For what metrics will you hold them accountable?


Have you designed a Proof of Concept to test your vendors and how they work together to deliver success? 

Is your PoC wide enough to determine expected costs of hiccups with your varied CPE in the field?

Does your PoC identify areas of improvement, and does this necessitate another trial before launch?



Who'll be deploying— your field technicians, customers, or both?

How will you educate them and your support teams for successful setup?

What network visibility tools will you give to troubleshoot?


What does your marketing and sales plan look like, and does it bake in the appropriate equipment upgrades to ensure deployment success? 

Do your sales teams have the network utilization intel to identify target customers and potentially problematic customers?


How are you tracking deployment costs and success rate?

Do you have the install feedback loops in place to track issue patterns?

Do you have the WiFi management tools in place to verify the network issues— and even proactively fix?


Lower costs

Based on your deployment data, what are your plans for reducing return and cancellation rates?

With managed WiFi network insights, can you proactively identify and alleviate service hiccups? 

Can you further educate and empower care professionals to remotely service customers, avoiding truck rolls?

Increase revenue

Are you taking advantage of opportunities to upsell on your IPTV solution? Parental controls, security, whole home WiFi, etc.

Do you have the customer usage analytics to identify target customers for these solutions?


Safeguard your IPTV deployment success with Minim. 
  • Increase customer conversion rates in spite of OTT streaming competition with a seamless managed WiFi and IPTV solution.
  • Safeguard Customer Experience by providing your IPTV solution over managed WiFi in all corners of the home.
  • Save on hardware with Minim's CPE-agnostic platform, no rip-and-replace. Even deploy to existing CPE in the field.
  • Future proof your decision making by working with Minim's modular and open platform; never get locked into CPE. 
  • Digitally transform your customer service experience as customers' increasingly demand: simple self-care tools. 
  • Reduce OpEx by giving your customers a self-care app and your support/ops teams network visibility tools, sans truck roll.
  • Reduce cancellations by identifying and healing network issues before they're interpreted as IPTV service problems.
  • Increase ARPU by intelligently upselling integrated services such as Whole Home WiFi, parental controls, and IoT security.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering on a high performance IPTV service that just works, in all corners of the home.