Home security integration

WiFi is now an integral part of home security, and here's how you can own it

Minim can help
Whole home WiFi

The challenge

WiFi dependence icon

WiFi dependence

Security systems increasingly rely on home WiFi, but the home network performance is out of your control. Still, your business may catch blame when issues arise. 

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DIY competition

The DIY security system market is heating up, expected to reach $43B globally by 2025. Your customers need more value to stick around, and you want to deliver. 

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Recent years have shown a 600% increase in home IoT attacks. Your customers want to turn to you as a security expert to help protect their family. 

The Minim solution

A turn-key network security and support solution for security system integrators and dealers.

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Turn-key solution

Minim enables integrators to deliver best-in-class routers and extenders, as well as a care and security mobile app, to customers. Remotely support customers with the Minim Care Portal, providing network and security insights and recommendations.

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Curated WiFi

With user prioritization settings and deep IoT intel, Minim delivers a WiFi experience that has been expertly crafted with simplicity in mind.

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AI security

Minim uses advanced AI and machine learning to detect anomalous behavior and stop all types of threats. Through firmware and settings management, Minim also hardens the router (often the main attack vector). 

Minim Care Portal
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Own the home

Any dealer of any of the connected services — e.g. security, A/V, automation, and anything else you can think of that is connected into the home, including the network itself — has to be owned and controlled by one entity. Hopefully, that entity would be you and your company. So if you’re an alarm dealer... you may need to expand your tech horizons. Not just for now, but also, think of the future.

Ron Davis, Security Sales & Integration

The process

Whether or not you're familiar with cybersecurity and network management services, Minim will help your business become a trusted smart home support expert overnight.


Customer demand

Reviewing your customer base and service plans, what would an optimal WiFi management and security offering look like?

Can you segment your customer base by home square footage (which lends to the router/WiFi system needed)?

Have you considered a customer survey on interest levels in parental controls, Whole Home WiFi, and network security monitoring? Tested price points? 

Solution demo

Who in your organization might be best to setup a Minim-enabled router in their home, with connected devices, and download the Minim app?

Who in your organization might be best to review the Minim Care Center and ask questions relevant to your business operations? 



Which of the Minim-certified equipment will you offer?

Will you deliver tiered service plans or a single plan, at what price points? Monthly or annual fees? 

Do you intend to deliver a branded mobile app experience (white label)? 


What are the best channels for you to educate customers on smart home security threats and build awareness of your new offering?

How will you train your sales and support staff to consult new and existing customers? What are your sales targets?

Can you survey your customer base to target with appropriate messaging? For example, do you know which of your customers already pay for digital security services such as antivirus software or identity theft detection?


Will your internal staff be utilizing the Care Center, or will you deliver managed services via a channel? 

When will you schedule training for your staff or channel on using the Care Center? 



Which personnel in your organization would be best to develop an end-to-end product trial, including: customer consultation, equipment order, setup, and customer feedback? 

Which subset of customers might be best for a trial offering, likely to test and provide feedback? 

What are your success criteria for the trial? 


Is the solution meeting your success criteria? Are there any areas of improvement or bumps to iron out?

Does your staff require any further training?


Product launch

How will you make an announcement to your customer base and garner interest? How will you handle inbound inquiries?


What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) do you plan to track and optimize, e.g. Average Revenue Per User, customer satisfaction, on-site visit reductions, new offering uptake? 

Traditional security technologies aren't enough

While there are certainly benefits to using technologies such as VPN, firewall, and antivirus software for security, they lack any real impact in the smart home."


The many benefits of expanding your smart home services portfolio.

  • Optimize performance of your own alarm and security systems that rely on WiFi speed and signal strength in all corners of the home.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a higher level of service and the peace of mind that their network is safe and sound.
  • Safeguard customer retention as your customers realize the value in your managed services with more tools and notifications.
  • Protect your reputation when the customer's ISP blames your system for network issues, or when a customer is concerned about an IoT threat.
  • Reduce support costs with the ability to remotely troubleshoot problems that degrade the customer experience with any connected device.
  • Increase ARPU as your business is able to offer customers premium, managed WiFi and smart home network monitoring plans.