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The challenge

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CPE variability

With 4+ Customer Premise Equipment generations in homes and no shared interface, operators find that even the most common support question— What’s my SSID and password?— takes 22 minutes to address on average.

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Network visibility

Smart TV or smart thermostat? A device's bandwidth and signal needs differ by its function and even make/model. Operators need this intel to detect issues— a challenge when you can't see past the subscriber's gateway.

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Demanding expectations

It's been reported that, on average, 50% of support calls are WiFi-related. Subscribers are turning to you to when their WiFi signal drops, a device won't connect, or if their internet speeds are slow. Let's face it, the connected device experience is now on you.

A digital transformation of customer support means higher profit margins and happier customers
Here's how

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Equip your customer care team with smart home support tools. No truck roll needed.

Router management

Router management

Remotely reboot, change the WiFi channel, view neighboring access points, forward ports, text the subscriber their SSID credentials, and more.
Device inventory

Device inventory

View a complete inventory of all connected devices and their bandwidth consumption, signal strength, upload/download speeds, and specs.
AI recommendations

AI recommendations

Minim delivers AI-powered device setting recommendations to care reps, making them instant smart home experts. 

Audit trail

Audit trail

Minim displays all network events at a quick glance, including: new devices, configuration changes, and security alerts. Pinpoint that root cause in seconds.

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The process

Regardless of your subscriber base or customer care team size, Minim can adapt to your specific business needs and even integrate with your existing UI.



Where is your team currently struggling to meet customer support expectations?

Are you receiving poor customer support reviews in certain instances, or high churn rates?

Are you noticing a trend where truck rolls are being sent out for customer issues that are not easily reproducible? (i.e., everything seems to be working fine when on-site, but after leaving, the customer reports they still have the issue.)


What percentage of your operating expenses are truck rolls, support calls, and repeat reported issues?



Are you looking to drive customer acquisition, create a new revenue stream, lower subscriber churn, decrease truck rolls, increase customer satisfaction, or all of the above?

How will you measure success?


What CPE do you have in the field? What CPE would you like to deliver to subscribers today? Do you have an ACS?

Will you (or do you) upsell managed WiFi and/or smart home care services?

Can you discontinue or replace other services that haven't met your expectations? 



How will you train your care reps to remotely solve subscriber problems and provide a premium care experience?



How has customer satisfaction increased?

How about your care rep morale? 

Return on Investment

Have you seen a decrease in support call volume and times? Are you deploying fewer truck rolls?

If upselling on managed WiFi, are you seeing your targeted take rates and churn reductions? 

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It builds relationships

It builds relationships and confidence in our level of service. We make a promise that we are going to solve all of our customers’ wireless problems. Minim has helped us follow through on these promises."

Larry Waterman, Owner/Operator, FamilyView


Run a leaner business and improve customer satisfaction with Minim.

  • Drive customer acquisition by building your business' reputation for top-notch care.
  • Improve call efficiency with end-to-end remote visibility and control of the smart home.
  • Reduce subscriber churn as you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with quality service.
  • Decrease truck rolls for common support issues, saving on-site visits for when they're needed.
  • Increase customer satisfaction as you swiftly solve problems and advise the smart home.
  • Lower support costs by replacing your on-site visits and lengthy calls with effective remote support.