Diana Adjadj

E-learning tips for parents: 5 ways to support your student from home

Students from all over the world were forced online in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, and it’s looking like schools are preparing for another largely virtual fall semester in 2021.

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Aaron Forbes

Best internet for working from home

There are many challenges that factor into figuring out how to best work remotely. Do you work on the go, traveling from one coffee shop to another? Do you have to compete with children or roommates for bandwidth? Do you live in a remote area that has poor reception or is notorious for spotty internet access?

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Mitali Roy

Top 6 remote working best practices

Earlier this year, both employers and their employees around the world found themselves in need of a remote working policy. With lockdowns and the closures of mass transit systems as well as the need for self-isolation and social distancing, working from home became a pressing necessity rather than a privilege available to few.

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Working remotely with kids: tips from a Minim parent

Recently, Minim joined the NH Tech Alliance webinar Going Remote 101 to explore how business can help their employees transition to remote work while maintaining a work-life balance. As the topic of working remotely with kids came up, I thought I'd share some of the strategies that have helped my family to during this time. I hope these tips are helpful and would love to hear what your family is ...

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Gray Chynoweth

Introducing a remote recess for kids

During this time of working from home, I've been trying to figure out how to manage my kids while staying productive at work.

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