Gray Chynoweth

Introducing a remote recess for kids

During this time of working from home, I've been trying to figure out how to manage my kids while staying productive at work.

One of the challenges I've had is ensuring my boys (ages 5 and 9) get enough active time, given that I don't have time to play with them during the day and don't want to have them outside, unattended.

I have a feeling I'm not alone, and so, to help parents during this time, Minim is teaming up with New Hampshire-based Fortitude Health and Training to provide a series of virtual fitness classes for our kids to stay active while at home!

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Fortitude Health and Training is a benefits provider known for delivering incredibly high-quality corporate fitness programming and has experience providing fitness for kids.

To get a sense of what their typical kid fitness classes are like, see the video below:



Classes will begin this week on Thursday, April 2nd and continue throughout the month on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. To get more details and to register your kids for classes, simply submit this form.

We hope these classes can help your family stay entertained and active during these trying times.

To learn more about how Minim is providing help in response to COVID-19, read my letter to our community.

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