Vivian Susko

Meet the Zoom® ZM.1: Secure mesh WiFi that doesn’t break the bank

At Minim, we believe all homes de serve broadband access and safe WiFi that’s easy to use. People around the world depend on their home network now more than ever to power their smart home and connect them to work, entertainment, school, and even doctors . D id you know that t he US, Canada, and the UK have the highest rate of smart home adoption in the world? And that the pandemic has sped up ...

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Caleb McKee

Best WiFi for gaming: can WiFi 6 help you level up?

The difference between landing the play-of-the-game or lagging behind in the loser's circle could come down to your network connection. It's tough to support your team when your home network isn't supporting you.  Luckily, a new generation of wireless connection is hitting the market, and it’s rumored to bring a new standard of buffer-free gaming along with it. In this article, we'll be covering ...

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Hannah Aronoff

WiFi standards explained: WiFi 4 vs WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6

Thinking now is the time to make the leap to WiFi 6? Or perhaps you’re wondering whether to wait for more WiFi 6 compatible devices to come on the market? To answer these questions, you must understand what fully harnessing the potential of WiFi 6 connectivity really takes. 

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