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Meet the Zoom® ZM.1: Secure mesh WiFi that doesn’t break the bank

At Minim, we believe all homes deserve broadband access and safe WiFi that’s easy to use. People around the world depend on their home network now more than ever to power their smart home and connect them to work, entertainment, school, and even doctors. Did you know that the US, Canada, and the UK have the highest rate of smart home adoption in the world? And that the pandemic has sped up telemedicine innovation in nations large and small? That’s why we are so pleased to introduce Zoom® ZM.1, a secure and expandable mesh WiFi system that we plan to launch globally, starting in the UK, Mexico, and Canada. 

Meet the Zoom ZM.1 “Homes today need great WiFi for video conferencing, gaming, and streaming in every room— but in several markets, there’s simply not enough connectivity product choice,” said Nicole Zheng, CMO of Minim. “Shopping for a WiFi system shouldn’t be like choosing between self-driving luxury vehicles and budget cars without airbags. Today, we are announcing the Zoom ZM.1 to meet the need for a superior WiFi experience that’s accessible to families.” 

Starting at $74.99, the Zoom® ZM.1 will offer customers elite mesh performance for a fraction of the usual cost. The dual-band mesh WiFi 5 system comes complete with MU-MIMO technology for 1.3 Gbps of connectivity in every room. Plus, each Zoom® ZM.1 device features a USB port and 3 GB ethernet ports for maximum flexibility as a router or mesh extender. Have a larger home or office? You’ll be able to purchase one, two, and three packs of the Zoom® ZM.1 for up to 400 square meters of coverage. 

While we were at it, Minim realized that an exceptional user experience and high-end security shouldn’t be reserved for the elite, either; Zoom® ZM.1 customers will benefit from an included mobile app to monitor and personalize their wireless connectivity. The Zoom® ZM.1 will be available in Amazon and other distributors in Spring of 2021.For those who have been looking for an affordable choice for robust, expandable, and secure connectivity every room, we can’t wait for you to meet WiFi that zooms.

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