Caleb McKee

Starlink beta test reaches 500,000 signups in race for satellite space

The Starlink beta test seeks to address the rural-urban digital divide by delivering high-speed internet to more remote locations where terrestrial infrastructure is still in the process of expanding. Since pre-orders of its Better Than Nothing beta test released in February, the service has since deployed to over 10,000 subscribers. Prospective customers have now turned in half a million orders ...

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Vivian Susko

Minim highlights 5 international customers

Did you know Minim can be found around the world? Our company has been so impressed with our global service provider community's commitment to delivering reliable connectivity amidst pandemic challenges. So we decided to introduce five such customers today. Meet Inq Malawi, Wi-Fibre, Signa Technologies, Skyweb Illinois, and Wildanet.

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Nicole Zheng

Great WiFi for all: Minim teams up with the Microsoft Airband Initiative

As COVID-19 has made reliable home broadband more critical than ever, our industry must collectively prioritize closing the urban-rural digital divide. That's why we are pleased to announce today that Minim has signed an agreement with Microsoft to join the Microsoft Airband Initiative.

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