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Great WiFi for all: Minim teams up with the Microsoft Airband Initiative

Microsoft Airband Vendor

As COVID-19 has made reliable home broadband more critical than ever, our industry must collectively prioritize closing the urban-rural digital divide. That's why we are pleased to announce today that Minim has signed an agreement with Microsoft to join the Microsoft Airband Initiative.

Launched in 2017, the Microsoft Airband Initiative aims to close the rural broadband gap, which blocks 18 million individuals in the U.S. alone from access to employment opportunities, online education, and telehealth services.

To make affordable broadband access a reality for 40 million unserved people worldwide by July 2022, Airband brings together technology vendors, private-sector capital investors in broadband infrastructure, and public-sector financial and regulatory support. As of March of this year, the initiative has reached a total of 633,000 formerly unserved individuals and plans to reach many more as the Airband partner network grows.

Minim is proud to join this network. At such a pivotal time in the broadband industry, Airband ISP program partners can now leverage the Minim residential managed WiFi and security platform to deliver a promise beyond connectivity: With Minim, Airband members can offer a superior WiFi experience that reduces support costs, builds customer loyalty, and protects personal data. 

We invite ISPs interested in Minim's program for Microsoft Airband partners to visit here to learn more

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