George Zarebski

How Minim is investing in customer support

When it comes to customer support, managing expectations is one of the most critical things to do to ensure a successful and healthy relationship with the customer. As both the Minim team and Minim customer base grew these past few months, it became increasingly clear that we needed to revisit our support workflow to ensure our customers were getting the answers they needed, quickly.

There's a point in every early stage company's lifecycle where the customer has the cell phone number and email address of every decision maker. While this support model may work out initially, there comes a point where customer support requests need to scale.

Our focus is on putting the right team members and systems in place that enable us to scale our support as we continue to grow, while allowing us to provide consistent, timely, and thorough assistance to customers as they need it most.

Our customer support initiatives

George Zarebski, Director of Customer Success at Minim

(That's me, George, on a recent support call for one of our customers!)

At Minim, our customer support activities are now powered by Intercom, a tool that has enabled us to make huge strides in the timeliness of our responses, and the accuracy of our support and relevant escalations.

To ensure we keep improving for our customers and to hold ourselves accountable, we keep track of several key support metrics. Below is our support performance progress report that we recently shared with our customers:

  • Time to first response: Recently cut down by 95%
  • Time to any response: Recently cut down by 66%
  • Conversations during 9-5 PM ET: 50% of all conversations
  • Conversations outside of 9-5 PM ET: 50% of all conversations
  • Conversation participation: More than doubled

And, this is just the beginning. We're currently working on the build out of new training videos and helpful content to better support our customers and their subscribers. We're developing bots that can help customers easily find this new content and provide answers that are most relevant to their search queries. And we're investing in ways that make sure our customers can always get a hold of a Minim team member when they need help.

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