Caleb McKee

Starlink beta test reaches 500,000 signups in race for satellite space

The Starlink beta test seeks to address the rural-urban digital divide by delivering high-speed internet to more remote locations where terrestrial infrastructure is still in the process of expanding. Since pre-orders of its Better Than Nothing beta test released in February, the service has since deployed to over 10,000 subscribers. Prospective customers have now turned in half a million orders ...

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Vivian Susko

On Building the New Home Services Bundle at CONNECTIONS CES 2021

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have seen a significant increase in broadband service subscriptions over the last decade, while the adoption of traditional telephone and TV service bundles has steadily dropped. Also factor in that streaming services now account for 68% of all TV viewing— a number that continues to rise as cord-cutting reaches new record highs during the pandemic. 

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Aaron Forbes

Community-building tips for local ISPs from a local business owner

Liz Hitchcock, Co-founder of Minim, also invests in companies and owns Bookery Manchester, a bookstore located in Manchester, NH. Bookery is Manchester’s first independent bookstore and has been the location of many successful events— beyond the typical book signings and readings they have even hosted pre-primary presidential candidates. Bookery has become a popular meeting spot for the ...

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Toni JV

Broadband marketing ideas: Facebook Ads best practices

As we are faced with uncertain times, one thing that remains certain is the business need for a digital marketing strategy. And probably one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is Facebook advertising.  In this blog, I'll share a simple 3-step formula for making Facebook Ads become an effective digital marketing tool for your ISP business. Let's ...

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Samantha Albano

10 broadband marketing ideas for premium services

You're an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a loyal base of subscribers. (Nice!) But, now you want to market premium services that could make their internet experiences even better—  How do you do it? This is a common question we get at Minim as we help operators of all sizes deliver whole home WiFi, parental controls, IoT security services, and more to subscribers. Here are 10 broadband ...

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