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The Signal: Minim interviews CBN Geneva [podcast]

This month, we're announcing The Signal, a Minim podcast series. Tune in to learn about best practices for ISPs from Minim's community. Topics include: service providers' founding stories, today's challenges, business management best practices, new product offerings, and of course— how Minim can help. Here's a recap of the first episode, which you can watch or listen to in full here!

The Signal, Episode 1: Minim interviews CBN Geneva

In Episode 1, Minim CEO Gray Chynoweth sits down with CBN Geneva President Thomas Magg to discuss their founding story, the company's recent objectives, and how they came to delivering a Minim-powered solution to their subscribers. 

As part of the larger Community Broadband Networks organization, CBN Geneva is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) that was founded in 2019 to provide internet, phone, and TV services to the upstate NY region. 

In the episode, Tom shares how the decision to trial Minim stemmed from the fact that they needed to uphold their service promise to the subscriber:

"You know, we have a personal relationship— that's one of our differentiators with the customer— and if they called me up and they're having a problem, we've got to resolve that because our name's on the line. And we've got to be able to troubleshoot that quickly, figure out what it is, and get them whole again. We needed a tool to do that, and that's why we're using Minim today."

Tom and Gray continue to discuss how CBN Geneva has used Minim to strengthen existing subscriber relationships and conduct the following support actions remotely:

  • Troubleshoot and root cause a major customer downtime alert that Tom received while at WISPAPALOOZA 2019
  • Identify CBN Geneva's network traffic and "busy hours" to know exactly when subscribers are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Diagnose a connected device's internet speed problem by connecting it to a security incident 

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