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Minim Joins Forces with Zoom Telephonics

Minim Zoom Join Forces

We have an exciting announcement. Minim has just signed a definitive agreement to merge with our partner Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (“Zoom”) (OTCQB: ZMTP), a leading creator of cable modems and other Internet access products under the Motorola® brand.

As a combined company, Zoom and Minim will continue to empower ISPs and SMBs to deliver safe and reliable WiFi to homes for work and life.  We will now be able to execute even more effectively with a vertically-integrated hardware and software roadmap. You can still call us “Minim,” and you can still expect us to offer exciting new Motorola® products. In other words, our mission hasn’t changed; we’ll just have more to offer. 

Speaking of which, this quarter we launched the powerful Motorola® MH7022 mesh WiFi system to our customers and continue to enhance this platform— most recently with our “Work-Life WiFi” feature set. What’s around the corner? Look out for best-in-class DOCSIS 3.1 gateways, a WiFi 6 mesh system powered by Minim, and new mobile and web app features. 

While this vertical integration will deliver great things for customers, as a combined company, we remain completely committed to the broadband ecosystem. Regardless of hardware, we want to make sure that every home can have Minim-powered devices. We will continue to drive towards a seamless integration experience for additional hardware brands and support existing hardware integrations. We remain Made for MikroTik. We plan to advance OpenWrt development. We will continue to contribute to the prpl Foundation. And, we remain excited for the possibilities unlocked in Broadband Forum’s User Service Platform (USP) TR-369.  

The future is bright, and we look forward to serving our community of customers, partners, and investors. The role of safe WiFi that just works in the home has never been more essential.

For more details, please find today’s press release here.  If you have any questions, please drop us a line on the usual Minim channels.


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