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In response to Coronavirus, Minim is giving away 4 months of free service to remote workers

Introducing Minim for Remote Workers

Minim is on a mission to deliver home WiFi that is as safe and reliable as drinking water. We believe that connectivity is as important as a utility in the home, and Coronavirus has just made this belief an even more obvious truism.

With public and employee safety on the mind, employers are increasingly asking their teams to work remotely. Just last week, Minim followed suit, adopting a “default work from home” policy.

This wasn’t hard for us to do as a company with a culture code that states, distribution is our super power. Using our own product to secure and optimize the home network, Minimers connect over Slack, Zoom, Google Docs, Confluence, and more. It’s in our DNA.

But we recognize that the new distributed workforce might be a shock to businesses— What was a simple matter of supporting the office network is now a distributed problem. What is there to do when an employee chronically drops from a video call or when a home network is at risk to hacks?

So when we sat back to consider how we might make a contribution to our customers and community in the face of COVID-19, it didn’t take us long to figure out one way we could help. As the corporate network explodes into the home, Minim can help ensure it’s just as reliable, secure, and supported as in the office. 

Today, we are announcing 4 months of free Minim service to our customers who have employees working remotely—  and to remote workforces globally. (A Minim-enabled router is required.)

If you are interested in a more secure, easier to manage home WiFi network for yourself or for your employees, please click here to learn more.

Minim for Remote Workers

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