Hannah J Lobdell

Why you need a secure guest WiFi network post-pandemic

As the world reopens its doors, WiFi sharing has made a resurgence. Passwords are being passed around like platters at a dinner party, and with the average number of devices per U.S. household estimated to reach 20 by 2025, home network security is being put to the test. The problem is, now these networks are guarding more sensitive information. 80% of full-time workers from Owl Lab's State of ...

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Vivian Susko

What is a guest WiFi network and how do I set it up?

We live in a day and age where handing out your home’s WiFi password is as casual as getting a guest something to drink. It’s hospitable, and sometimes even expected. You want your friends and family to stay connected to the outside world, but every time you grant a new device access to your personal network, you're unknowingly exposing yourself to a variety of threats. Our advice? Create a guest ...

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Nehemiah Blackburn

Minim feature spotlight: Guest WiFi network assistance

In this Minim feature spotlight edition, I'll review Guest WiFi Network Assistance. This tool empowers service providers to help callers create and manage a guest WiFi network. For the subscriber, a guest WiFi network can tame devices amassing in the home by safeguarding the main WiFi network from visitor over-utilization and security threats.

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