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Minim feature spotlight: Guest WiFi network assistance

In this Minim feature spotlight edition, I'll review Guest WiFi Network Assistance. This tool empowers service providers to help callers create and manage a guest WiFi network. For the subscriber, a guest WiFi network can tame devices amassing in the home by safeguarding the main WiFi network from visitor over-utilization and security threats.

Minim feature spotlight: Guest WiFi networks

Traditionally, assisting a subscriber in guest network creation would require the network operator to remotely log into their subscriber's router and access its configuration settings. Although it may sound fairly simple to do, it can quickly become a problem as each router make/model has a different user interface to navigate, not to mention different features, wherein guest WiFi network capability may not exist. 

With Minim, operators can enable guest WiFi networks for subscribers with different routers within one interface and benefit from unprecedented network visibility, device management, and security insights.

Setting up a Guest WiFi network in the Minim Care Portal

To set up a guest WiFi network for a subscriber in the Minim Care Portal, operators can navigate to the Router Settings tab:

Guest WiFi Network Setup in the Minim Care Portal

Minim Care Portal

From here, the subscriber's main network settings can be accessed and configured, such as to:

And now for select Minim-enabled routers, there is the option to turn on and configure a guest WiFi network:

Guest WiFi Network Setup in the Minim Care Portal

Guest WiFi network assistance in the Minim Care Portal

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