Caleb McKee

How to choose a modem [your top 3 questions, answered]

It can be confusing and frustrating to piece together a customized home network for yourself, especially with new products launching each year. Deciding between a modem vs router vs gateway, for example, is only half the battle; now that you know which device you need, how do you choose the best option? In this guide, we're walking through the top three questions to ask when purchasing a cable ...

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Aaron Forbes

Modem vs. router vs. gateway explained

It’s easy to get confused when dealing with networking equipment at home. The end goal is to have a fast, consistent WiFi experience, but there are many parts that come into play toward delivering on that experience. Often, your broadband provider's available hardware is what dictates your experience. Each available device is different and has its own purpose for networking, but it's easy to ...

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Samantha Albano

Behind the scenes with Lyrebirds, the team who discovered Cable Haunt

Minim's podcast series is back! Joining us in the latest episode of The Signal is Kasper Terndrup of Lyrebirds, the cybersecurity consultancy that uncovered the Cable Haunt vulnerability.

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Nicole Hayward

Cable Haunt Virtual Patch just released

First came Cable Haunt exploit detection, and now prevention. Minim has just released Cable Haunt Virtual Patch, a feature that safeguards a vulnerably that now affects hundreds of millions of Broadcom based cable modems around the world. 

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