Vivian Susko

Tech and telecom trends under a new administration

The past year challenged the world's reliance on home broadband and further highlighted the immense urban-rural digital divide still at play. As nearly 30 million Americans today lack access to high-speed internet and 25-30% of the global workforce plans to continue enabling work-from-home in 2021, what changes and technology advancements can we expect to see in the new year under the new ...

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Samantha Albano

Minim participates in Verizon and Samsung NextG Build workshop [event recap]

Last week, Minim Engineer Zack Mattor and Minim Product Manager Nehemiah (Nemo) Blackburn joined other tech enthusiasts and developers in NYC for an event put on by Verizon and Samsung— the NextG Build: Develop for the new way business is done workshop. Here's Zack and Nemo to tell us a bit more about the event.

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