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On work from home security with Telarus CEO Adam Edwards

At Minim, our mission is to make home WiFi safe for both personal and work-from-home use. That's why we're happy to announce our recent debut on Telarus Virtual to discuss exactly why organizations committed to managing remote teams need to be looking beyond traditional VPN and endpoint security technologies to safeguard their business continuity. Below is a recap of the interview!

Telarus C-Level Interview with Minim

Telarus interviews Minim

In this Telarus Virtual episode, Minim CEO Gray Chynoweth joins Telarus CEO Adam Edwards to discuss Minim's origin story and how Minim is helping businesses secure and manage their newly remote working teams.

This comes at a time where 25% to 30% of the global workforce has cited plans to continue working remotely through the end of next year, with many more adapting for remote work long-term. 

Gray and Adam discuss how the traditional enterprise security technologies being brought into the home now (think VPN and antivirus) aren't enough for businesses to protect against the consumer IoT threats, router vulnerabilities, and dual-purpose devices commonly found in the home work environment. This new age of remote work requires a new approach to WFH security. 

VPNs are really like a seatbelt... but just like in a car, a seatbelt alone isn't enough

"The analogy that I always use, it's just like a car," said Minim CEO Gray Chynoweth. "We know that we need to think about security through depth... And a VPN is really like a seatbelt. You got your seatbelt on, it protects you— but just like in a car, a seatbelt isn't enough. You need to have the metal frame around you, you got to have a bumper and crumple zones, you should have airbags. So, when you then think about that home network, you got to have more there to do the protecting and it has to be designed around what works in the home." 

That's why businesses need to consider building out their Defense-in-Depth strategy with additional security layers that solve for the uniqueness of each home network. This is where Minim comes in.

Minim delivers a right-sized solution, designed from the ground up for the home, that can be thought of as an SD-WAN and Next-Gen firewall combined. It's cloud-controlled networking that empowers both remote employees and IT personnel to remotely monitor and secure the work from home environment from prevalent IoT and home router threats.

Tune in to the full episode below to learn more about these threats, how businesses can implement a solution like Minim into their budget, and what the exclusive reseller experience is for Telarus partners.


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