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Introducing Minim’s new look

Minim’s been going through some big changes. You might even say we’ve grown up. Today we’re introducing a new logo that showcases how far we’ve come and where we’re going.

Introducing Minim's new look

Last month we announced that Minim is merging with our partner Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (“Zoom”), a leading creator of home connectivity and security products under the Motorola® brand. Although we are keeping the Minim name, together we are a new company with a bold vision for the future—a milestone that we wanted to commemorate with a new logo.

While we love our old logo, it was created when Minim was a nascent startup and reflects a much younger version of ourselves. It was designed with our core values—simple, trusted and ahead—in mind, and it’s served us well through the years! But as a combined company, we set out to ensure our logo reflects our next chapter.

Minim Inc logo MINM

The new Minim logo

Our design and brand team, in conjunction with logo experts at andCulture interviewed our team, customers, and partners to develop goals for our next mark. It needs to preserve our values. It needs to represent our leadership in both AI-driven software and hardware. It needs to be a mark we can all get behind—and to that end it needs to be accessible.

After a highly iterative process and several rounds of feedback and surveys, we produced a logo that ticked every box. Without further ado, meet Minim’s new look:

Minim logos, rebranded

Its simplified color palette and clean, straightforward font with a slight serif feels more polished while paying homage to the original logo. With an all-lowercase and uniform base letter height, the font also recognizes “Minim” is a palindrome, which creates a sense of harmony and connectivity (two things we care a lot about; the word Minim is a small musical note that brings harmony and connection to songs—just like what we do for devices in the home).

The second “i” has an unexpected concavity to it and bright color, representing its being ahead of the prior “i” and already advancing. It’s also abstractly representative of all people, as in, Minim is for everyone’s home.

We hope you like it as much as we do, and you can expect to see it in all the places you’d find our logo before (for example: our website). With more exciting developments on the horizon, consider this a taste of what’s to come!

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