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Minim has moved to

Since announcing the merger of Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (“Zoom”), the creator of Motorola® home connectivity products, and Minim, we’ve worked quickly to establish a combined company culture, brand identity Minim (OTCQB: MINM), and even a new logo.

The next step in this rebrand has now come to fruition; we are excited to share that our website has been moved to for better visibility. While we loved the tiny .co, and it served us well as a cool startup, we know that .com domains tend to be more expected and findable. Introducing

As a leader of innovative connectivity, Minim continues to be the exclusive brand license holder for Motorola networking products. And we still offer top-notch Zoom product support—  Did you know we also maintain the following sites? 

  • - The go-to site for shopping Minim-powered Motorola connectivity for your home.
  • - Everything you need to know about Minim’s investor relations and latest filings in one convenient place.
  • - The place to learn about your Zoom products and get support assistance.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news to come!

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