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Minim feature spotlight for ISPs: Customer Care Channels and more

The Minim Care Portal boasts dozens of helpful features for broadband service providers. Here’s a rundown on three recently-launched helpful features: Customer Care Channels, Default Address, and Minim Score Reset.

Minim Care Portal feature highlights

Customer Care Channels

The Customer Support information tab allows network operators to input and then later edit subscriber information. The tab can be found on the subscriber’s LAN page with the other feature tabs.

A screenshot of the customer support information tabHere, the customer support information can be filled out. Information input on this page will show in the mobile app as a separate page of customer support details for subscribers. Information such as operational hours, support phone number, and support email address information can be customized.

Default Address

Minim customers are now able to add a default address that populates automatically when setting up a new end-user. To set an account's default address for subscribers, navigate to Account Settings > Default Address.

Minim Score Reset

The Minim® Score is a feature that’s designed with network operators in mind. It allows operators to diagnose problems and assist their subscribers.

The Minim Score looks at three specific events that happen on a subscriber's network:

  • Router reboots: the number of times the router has rebooted.
  • Minutes offline: the amount of time a subscriber's LAN has spent offline.
  • Known issues: the number of devices on the LAN with known issues.

As these events are tracked and monitored, the Minim Score changes to reflect the state of the LAN. To better track when issues have been addressed for subscribers, customers now have the ability to reset the end user's Minim Score.

The reset icon now appears next to the Minim Score at the top of the end user's account. When toggled, the Minim Score will reset to 100. After that, the Minim Score is calculated based on the following duration of data (usually a week by default).

The Minim Score for a subscriber LAN can be reset in a couple of places in the Minim Care Portal, but perhaps the most prominent is at the top of the Subscriber view:

Minim Score example

After selecting the reset button, the score will be reset to 100. From then on, the Minim Score will be calculated from that reset moment until a week’s worth of performance data is gathered.

Last updated: September 22, 2020

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