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Minim feature spotlight: Minim Score

Helping operators proactively manage and secure home networks is our goal at Minim. Today's feature spotlight introduces the Minim Score— a residential managed WiFi tool that gives operators the ability to easily gauge the network health of a subscriber's LAN and see what issues it may be experiencing. With this insight, operators can quickly zone in on problematic networks and provide assistance before the subscriber even knows there's a problem.


So, how does Minim Score work?

The Minim Score is a tool designed for network operators to be able to proactively help their subscribers. The Minim Score looks at three specific events that happen on a subscriber's network:

  1. Router reboots— The number of times the router has rebooted.
  2. Minutes offline— The amount of time a subscriber's LAN has spent offline.
  3. Known issues— The number of devices on the LAN with known issues.

As these events are tracked and monitored, the Minim Score changes to reflect the state of the LAN, as depicted below:


Example of a network's Minim Score

The Minim Score appears in each subscriber's LAN view in the Minim Care Portal. Additionally, operators can choose to view a list of all online or offline LANs, where they then have the option to sort by Minim Score. This makes it even easier to quickly identify LANs that are experiencing problems and need a hand.

Now, what happens if an operator sees a subscriber LAN with a low Minim Score and proactively takes a look to solve the given problems? They can simply hit a button to reset the Minim Score on that LAN to indicate that all problems have been addressed.

What are the benefits of Minim Score?

We've already talked about one of the major benefits that the Minim Score provides, which is the ability for operators to proactively support their subscribers. Not only does this save the subscriber from calling in and possibly being sent a truck roll, it also enables the operator to spot patterns and trends.

For example, when taking a look at all the networks assigned a low Minim Score, operators may discover that these networks all have the same hardware installed, or that they are all trying to connect similar amounts or kinds of devices. This could then indicate to the operator that their hardware needs an upgrade.

Another benefit of the Minim Score is that it can also act as a subscriber churn indicator. In an industry where churn rates tend to be one of the highest, being able to predict when subscribers are ready to leave becomes critical. On this note, through our customers who use Minim, we've observed a correlation between subscribers with low Minim Scores and their service cancellations. Therefore, operators can use the Minim Score to not only proactively intervene and spot network trends, but to also decrease their overall subscriber churn.

Last updated: August 28, 2020

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