Nehemiah Blackburn

Introducing the new Minim App experience

Today's the day! Minim App 2.0 is officially live.

Product update: Minim Minim App 2.0

As today's average household connects upwards of 11 devices, Minim App 2.0 helps subscribers more easily manage and secure their growing home networks. Available through our partner broadband service providers and home security integrators, this refreshed mobile app experience includes new features for broadband subscribers to:

  • Share WiFi credentials with trusted guests via SMS
  • View connected devices by access point
  • Run speed tests from device to access point
  • See important device attributes, including: daily top sites visited, bandwidth usage stats, and WiFi signal strength
  • Access more customer support channels 
  • ... and more 

Plus, operators have the option to customize the app with their branding and support hours. See for yourself! Check out a preview of the new Minim App below.

Watch the demo now

With Minim App 2.0, subscribers are empowered to learn about and self care for their home networks. The result? Fewer customer support calls, better connected experiences, and happier customers.

We are happy to share this product update with the Minim community and look forward to releasing more Minim App features soon. Stay tuned!

See the Minim App in action

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