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Coming soon: Minim App 2.0

As Minim helps operators deliver premium services to support the connected home, improving the connected device experience for subscribers is always top of mind. As such, we are excited to share that, coming soon in March 2020, the Minim mobile app will get a total refresh. Welcome to Minim App 2.0!

Product update: Minim App 2.0 coming soon

What to expect in Minim App 2.0

Minim App 2.0 brings with it a revamped user experience and several added features for subscribers to more easily manage and secure their home networks. Here's a breakdown of some of the key enhancements:

  • User experience overhaul— Subscribers will be more guided throughout the app and enjoy a more seamless connected experience.
  • Support information— Subscribers will see the support hours and contact information for their operator in the app, with clear indicators for when the business is open and available to help. 
  • Text SSID and password— Subscribers will be able to easily text their network SSID and password to trusted guests.
  • Device speed test— Subscribers will have the ability to run speed tests from their access points to individual devices.
  • Device details— Subscribers will be able to view more connected device attributes, as well as recommendations to improve signal strength.
  • Mesh connectivity— Subscribers who have mesh systems will be able to see exactly which devices are connected to which mesh node.
  • White label support— For operators who have custom colors and logos, subscribers will experience Minim App 2.0 in their operator's branding.
  • Classic view— As a rollout best practice, subscribers will be able to toggle back to the old app experience if desired for a period of time.

That's all for the sneak peek for now! Stay tuned as we share more about Minim App 2.0 leading up to the March 2020 release.

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