Vivian Susko

Safeguard your WFH strategy for 2021 and beyond with the Minim® Remote Scorecard

What began as a rapid, hectic shift to remote work at the start of the pandemic has now transformed into a new era of virtual employment. Faced with proof that a work-from-home strategy can be both safe and effective, many businesses are in it for the long run; About two-thirds of the companies that have adopted remote work policies expect them to be in place permanently, or at least for the ...

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Aaron Forbes

Good news for WFH: Google Workspace delivers on security for distributed teams

The dramatic shift of the general workforce to remote working has led to new developments for the WFH world. It’s predicted that by 2028, 73% of all teams will have remote workers. Distributed teams now have the benefits of ever-evolving tools focusing on solving the issues that arise from working from home.

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