Caleb McKee

The best free password managers for security and convenience

It's tempting to reuse an old password, especially when the average person has 100 different accounts to secure, but it’s more dangerous than many realize. You wouldn’t make 100 copies of a skeleton key to your home, so why gamble with your network and sensitive data?  Adding a password manager to your arsenal of online tools is a great step in preventing unwanted infiltrations and keeping ...

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Liz Hitchcock

Why Minim, continued

Genesis stories are always subjective. While you may be well versed in the one about how Minim was founded in response to the Mirai botnet attack from October 21, 2016, there's a bit more to the story— this time, from a parenting point of view. 

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Samantha Albano

Minim feature spotlight: AI-driven alerts for security

The July 2019 edition of the Consumer Analytics Newsletter by Parks Associates, an IoT market research and consulting firm, discusses how AI has shaped the smart home. Among their AI use cases measured, the most appealing to smart home device owners were AI-driven alerts for security— such as when someone enters the home, a window breaks, or an unusual noise is detected. At Minim, we too employ ...

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