Jeremy Hitchcock

Employee burnout in the time of COVID-19

“I’m thinking of moving on.” Those five words are what made us pay attention to the issue of burnout. They came from an employee who started with us a couple years ago: a top performer and extremely valued team member.

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Sam Stelfox

Smart home cybersecurity news: Malware stats amid COVID-19 [April 2020]

The smart home's attack surface has only grown since the start of COVID-19. As remote workers connect new devices to their home networks, access sensitive work files, and use work devices for personal use, attackers are paying attention. Here's what some of the most recent data (including Minim's) shows regarding malware found on the home office network.

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Samantha Albano

Security Threat Landscape virtual event by TPx [recap]

A major area of concern amidst the Coronavirus pandemic that's top of mind for Minim is remote working cybersecurity and the impact of these risks on business IT personnel. That's why I was excited to attend the virtual Security Threat Landscape event hosted by TPx yesterday. Here's a brief recap and my thoughts. 

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Nicole Zheng

Emotet malware protection for remote workers

Emotet malware attacks have been around since early 2013 and have recently spiked— so much so that the Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity division released this alert about this sophisticated Trojan. Emotet can result in extensive business disruption and financial loss. Just this week, Microsoft published a case report that an Emotet attack shut down an entire business network, and ...

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