Vivian Susko

Minim on trust as a platform for innovation [podcast recap]

Listeners of the Culture of Innovation podcast tune in to hear exceptional thought leaders discuss turning innovative ideas into tangible tools.  On Friday, January 29th, Minim’s own CEO Gray Chynoweth joined host Nancy Ridge for a conversation about using trust as a platform for innovation in 2021 and beyond. This blog will cover the major takeaways of their discussion, and you can also listen ...

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Aaron Forbes

Solving the WFH security problem with Minim + Telarus [podcast]

This past March, the number of remote workers in the United States grew by 16 million. It’s also expected that anywhere between 25% to 30% of the global workforce is going to be working remotely by the end of next year, and over 70% of CFOs have said they’ve made long-term plans for working remotely at their companies.  With this widespread shift, new challenges in corporate data security are ...

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