Caleb McKee

Insider Threat Awareness: Defend your business from unforeseen harm

From 2018 to 2020, the damage from insider threats increased to $11.45 million and incident frequency rose by 47%. Fortunately, there are measures you can enact to prevent the theft and extortion of company assets. With September being Insider Threat Awareness Month, we consolidated resources and outlined details of how to keep your business safe from unexpected threats.

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Nicole Zheng

Consumer buyer behavior post-pandemic

Retail is changing.  The pandemic has shifted consumer priorities and created new shopping norms. Approximately one year after society adapted to social distancing, thousands of the world’s leading brands and retailers are turning to User Generated Content (UGC) for a glimpse into how the world has tilted. And Minim is one of them. Partnering with leading retailers to deliver Motorola brand home ...

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