Aaron Forbes

WiFi 6 compatible devices for 2021

We’ve spent the past year writing about WiFi 6, the latest generation of wireless connection to hit the consumer market. Now that more WiFi 6-enabled devices are appearing on the shelves, however, the time has finally come to see which products stand out above the rest.

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Sam Stelfox

Ring doorbell privacy concerns: Smart home cybersecurity news [January 2020]

Prevalent in smart home cybersecurity news for months now, Ring doorbell privacy concerns continue to surface— This week, news broke out regarding the presence of third-party trackers in the Ring Video Doorbell mobile app for Android.

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Jeremy Hitchcock

Does Amazon buying Eero mean Amazon Prime Internet is coming?

It's been a month since Amazon announced their acquisition of Eero, and a theory has emerged regarding Amazon's continued quest to own the home network. I would wager that they will someday launch an Amazon Prime Internet Service.

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