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New Minim features deliver ultra SSID configurability for ISPs

The pandemic’s stay-at-home orders have led to higher WiFi utilization and over 40% increased support call volumes for many ISPs. That's why today, we’re excited to launch new features that deliver ultra SSID configurability for better subscriber security and seamless support. 

Introducing Ultra SSID configurability for ISPs

Multiple Network (SSID) Management

In the Minim® Mobile app, subscribers can organize their Minim-powered WiFi system into Home and Work networks. This same functionality is also made available to Care Reps in the Minim® Care Portal.

Isolate devices

In the Mobile app and Care Portal, subscribers and Care Reps can create a segmented network that isolates untrusted devices. 

Private SSID

Not enabled by default for ISPs; must be enabled by request:  As part of our business product, Minim for Remote Workers, Mobile app users can set an SSID to Private, effectively hiding information about the network and its connected devices in the Care Portal. This "Work-Life WiFi" feature is useful for businesses who support their remote employees with Minim, allowing them to co-manage the designated Work network while protecting the Home network’s privacy. 

Broadcast SSID

(MikroTik routers only) In the Care Portal, Care Reps and Technicians can set turn off broadcasting to dedicate a SSID to configuration and maintenance.

Hidden SSID

In the Care Portal, Care Reps and Technicians can set a network as hidden to subscribers in the Mobile app to reserve the network for configuration and maintenance.

Read-only SSID

In the Care Portal, Care Reps and Technicians can set an SSID to Read Only, making it visible, but not configurable, by subscribers in the Mobile app. This feature is especially useful to providers who deliver vital connected services, e.g. security systems.

See them in action

Now that you know what features are available, here are some guides on how to implement the new changes in both the Care Portal and Minim app. Plus, check out the demo video below!

HubSpot Video

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