Katrina Ambrose

Minim takes to Elm Street for Manchester's Chalk the Block

Minim is headquartered in Manchester, NH, and we love participating in local stuff. Today, we were excited to join in on "Chalk the Block," a Manchester Trolley Night. Trolley nights are organized each year to celebrate the diverse artistic expressions and cultural experiences that the city has to offer. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had some other plans with an impending thunderstorm, but undeterred, Minim team members teamed up with Orbit Group to bring a little fun and company pride to the sidewalk in front of our Elm Street headquarters. Pictures below! 

Minim the robot


Chalk the block: Minim


Manchester Trolley Night - Chalk the Block - Minim


Minim on Elm Street


Minim no more - Nightmare on Elm Street


1 hour later; this is why the event was called off!

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