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Minim on the move

East Coast, West Coast, Europe— You name it, we've probably been there or are headed there this month!

It has been an exciting time for Minim as we've had the opportunity to travel all over and share our managed WiFi and IoT security solution with several different communities. Last week, we joined one of the largest shows put on by the Wireless Internet Services Providers Association (WISPA), and this week, we're on the move again.

Stop 1: NTCA Cybersecurity Summit in Dallas, TX (October 21-23)

The NTCA Cybersecurity Summit is all about discussing the ways in which service providers can overcome the challenges of protecting both consumer data and network infrastructure from hackers. Minim Investor and Advisor David Aronoff is there, attending learning sessions and workshops— Here's a sneak peak at some of the show's events:





Stop 2: Broadband World Forum in Berlin, Germany (October 22-25)

We are also in Europe this week with our partner KAON, exhibiting at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin, an event that looks to the future of the broadband industry. With KAON are Minim CTO Alec Rooney and Minim VP Sales Ash Kumar Here's a snapshot at what they've been up to:







Stop 3: Cable-Tec Expo 2018 in Atlanta, GA (October 22-25)

We've got quite a bit of Minim folks joining KAON at the SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® in Atlanta this week including Minim CEO Jeremy Hitchcock, Minim VP Business Development Brent Levetan, Minim VP Strategic Partnerships Bryan Ollila, and Minim Engineer Zack Mattor. In addition to exhibiting at the KAON booth, we are also speaking on IoT security and managed WiFi: learn more here!



Stop 4: OpenWrt Summit in Lisbon, Portugal (October 29-30)

Our October travels wrap up back in Europe, at the OpenWrt Summit in Lisbon. Minim CTO Alec Rooney will be in attendance, joining an event that brings together the OpenWrt software community— More details and pictures are to come!

Minim's next stop? Stay tuned...

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