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Minim joins prplMesh initiative to drive interoperability in the connected home

One of the key principles here at Minim is that in every connected home, stuff should just work. As WiFi has become an important utility,  people need a strong and secure signal throughout their abode. What they don't need is the worry about whether the components of their network are interoperable. That's why today, we're officially announcing that we've joined the prplMesh working group.

Part of a wider collaboration between prpl Foundation and Broadband Forum, prplMesh aims to advance the open-source, carrier-grade, and certifiable implementation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™, the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Multi-AP Specification. We're in great company.  The prpl Foundation member base includes: ARRIS, Askey, Broadcom, BT Group, Hitron, Intel, Sercomm, Smart/RG, Verizon, and Vodafone— to name a few. It's a collaborative effort to enable secure interoperability of connected devices for the smart society of the future. 

Minim joins prplMesh initiative to drive interoperability in the connected home

As a non-profit and community-driven organization, the prpl Foundation is a group of more than 30 member companies and several contributing companies and individuals who aim to harmonize the development and integration of CPE throughout the industry. 

“We’ve seen the power of standardization and certification with the WiFi standard, which allowed for WiFi-enabled products from different vendors to work together," said Alec Rooney, Minim Founder and CTO. "Similarly, the standardized EasyMesh protocol is breaking OEMs free of proprietary mesh vendors and enabling ISPs to mix-and-match their choice devices. And as an open source implementation of EasyMesh, prplMesh accelerates innovation for software vendors like Minim. We aren’t bogged down with building foundational infrastructure to support mesh technology.

Minim chose to work with the prpl Foundation and prplMesh project to strengthen OEM partnerships, accelerate application innovations, and provide more value-added services to ISP customers.

"Standards efforts have been proven to help accelerate innovation and benefit entire ecosystems," said David Barr, Prpl Technical Steering Committee Chair. “With a mission to harmonize and converge CPE software and APIs, the prpl Foundation enables development efficiencies through common infrastructure which ultimately allows vendors to focus on unique, differentiating features. Ecosystem participation is critical and having companies like Minim actively involved and contributing to prplMesh is important to its success."

Minim at prpl Summit 2019 in Berlin, Germany

Snapshot from prpl Summit 2019 in Berlin, Germany last month

Adoption for prplMesh has already begun to take flight, with proven benefits for solution vendors (like Minim), OEMs, ISPs, and smart home users— the entire ecosystem. For the full story about our contribution to date and the benefits we've experienced through our participation, download our case study. We are so excited for this project and invite more industry members to join in. 

Case Study: Minim sees prpl

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