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Introducing Minim's parental controls for content filtering

To further enable ISPs to deliver a simple and secure connected experience to their subscribers, we recently introduced parental controls for content filtering. As an addition to Minim's existing parental controls suite, this new feature gives users control over what internet traffic can make its way onto children's devices.

Minim feature spotlight: Parental controls for Content Filtering

Parental controls in the smart home requires that malicious and adult content be restricted across all connected devices. However, we know that the home is made of up different types of users and devices that may warrant different levels of content restriction. And so, Minim's parental controls for content filtering feature offers three different tiers of protection:

1. Site Protect

This first tier blocks a list of 700,000+ known malicious sites. This adds to Minim's pre-existing security blanket which is constantly scanning all connection made on the home network and blocking traffic when a device connects to a suspicious site. Site Protect now blocks devices from ever making those connections in the first place.


2. Site Protect + Ad Protect

This second tier adds ad blocking functionality to Site Protect. With Ad Protect, a list of 100,000+ ad servers is blocked. This makes the connected experience not only more safe, but also more enjoyable in that web browsing is less cluttered and distracting. Plus, it has been seen to positively impact the speed at which web pages load.

3. Family Values

This third tier was designed with young children and teens in mind. Not only does Family Values protect against malicious sites and ads, it also protects against a list of nearly 2 million adult websites and includes search and YouTube restrictions.

Getting started with parental controls for content filtering

In the Minim mobile app, users can create device profiles for each family member in the home and apply one of these content filters. In doing so, the content filter is automatically applied to each and every device in the profile— making it simple to secure and monitor all of the home's connected devices. Stay tuned for even more tips and parental controls!

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