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EZECOM partners with Minim to bring next-gen WiFi to Cambodia

Today, Cambodia's premium internet provider EZECOM announces the launch of EzeWiFi , a mesh WiFi system powered by Minim.

Founded in 2007, EZECOM is the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Cambodia to receive ISO Certification . The company has received many awards for their consistent delivery of high quality, hassle-free, reliable internet services to both enterprise and residential markets in Cambodia.

EZECOM to launch EzeWiFi, powered by Minim

Now with EzeWiFi, which is slated for official release in March 2020, EZECOM brings a mesh WiFi system for subscribers to take control of their home networks. The solution set promises high-performance WiFi throughout the home  and enables subscribers to set parental controls, monitor network security, manage their mesh networks, ensure digital privacy, and so much more.

With enhanced remote support tools in Minim's Care Portal, EzeWiFi  will also enable EZECOM to achieve faster customer care resolutions and reduced truck rolls.

The EzeWiFi mobile app, powered by Minim

The next generation of WiFi services for the smart home

EZECOM CEO Ms. Yuni Lee-Heathcote describes the offering below:

“EZECOM is pleased to bring our subscribers the next generation of WiFi services to support the smart home. The launch of this solution shows our company’s commitment to providing premium communication services through constant innovation and improvement. EzeWiFi combines attractive meshed WiFi devices with a powerfully simple mobile app. With EzeWiFi, our subscribers will be able to personalize and secure their network at an affordable price point thanks to our technology partner, Minim.”

The EzeWiFi solution comes at an exciting time as the Asia Pacific smart home market is predicted to grow to $115.9 billion by 2030, surpassing that of Europe and North America. 

We are thrilled to join EZECOM on their mission to deliver innovative communication services— now including the next generation of WiFi services for the smart home.

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