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Customer spotlight: KPU Telecommunications

The Minim community is made up of some amazing service providers, many of whom are known as the backbone of the communities in which they serve. KPU Telecommunications, a municipality-owned cable service provider based in Ketchikan, Alaska, is no different. In providing one of Alaska's most advanced fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, the KPU Telecommunications team supports nearly 5,000 subscribers and offers a number of services. 


Ketchikan, Alaska, aka "The Salmon Capital of the World" and Alaska's 1st city

Yet, KPU Telecommunications faced a challenge with supporting numerous connected devices in subscriber homes— a challenge faced today by many service providers as the average home now connects more than 10 devices...

“We were being tasked to troubleshoot devices all across the board— doorbells, security cams, Alexa, Siri, smart TVs,” said Dan White, KPU Telecommunications Network and Engineering Operations Manager. “We wanted to provide something where we could get recurring revenue for our efforts and increased visibility.”

After meeting Minim at a cable and broadband industry trade show in 2018, KPU Telecommunications quickly became impressed with the "self-explanatory" look and feel of the Minim platform. They considered ease of use as a key deciding factor in choosing a residential managed WiFi platform!


Snapshot of Minim visiting KPU Telecommunications in Ketchikan, Alaska!

To that end, KPU Telecommunications chose to deploy Minim to subscriber homes, recounting the process as being extremely easy. Since deploying and using Minim, the team has seen a significant reduction in their support costs from being able to more efficiently handle customer support calls, an increase in monthly average revenue per user by upselling the Minim solution, and an improvement in overall subscriber satisfaction ratings.

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