Build an IoT hub with Minim Labs and a GL.iNet B1300 [Guide]

Minim-Labs-RasPiAs stated in our Minim Labs announcement, we are partnering with GL.iNET to provide the first 50 Minim Labs signups with a free getting started kit. Included in the kit is a GL.iNet B1300 router, flashed with a special Minim OpenWrt image that adds telemetry and security to the OpenWrt device.

If you aren't one of the first 50 Minim Labs signups who receives this startup kit, don't worry. You can still purchase your own GL.iNet B1300, download the Minim open source firmware, and create your (free) Minim Labs account!Create a Minim Labs account

The GL-B1300 is a powerful dual-band router for the smart home with OpenWrt pre-installed. When coupled with Minim, it becomes an IoT hub for managing and securing all of your connected devices.

Step by step instructions: Set up your GL.iNet B1300 with Minim Labs

0. Prerequisites:

  • GL.iNet B1300— You can purchase a GL-B1300 here.
  • Computer with an Ethernet port or a USB to Ethernet adapter— To flash your GL-B1300, you MUST be connected via Ethernet and not WiFi.

1. Sign up for Minim Labs

First, you'll need to go to and sign up for your free Minim Labs account.

2. Download Minim opensource firmware

Second, you'll need to download the Minim opensource firmware: click here

(Take note of where the .bin file is saved, as this will be needed in step 4.)

3. Install firmware, part 1

Third, you'll need to flash your GL-B1300 with the Minim firmware by initiating and accessing the bootloader:

  1. Push down the Reset button (the left outermost button on your GL-B1300, pictured below) and power ongl.inet-b1300-minim-labs-instructions-button
  2. Wait about 10 seconds, until the 2 left outermost LEDs stop flashing
  3. Configure your IP address with the following settings:

IP configuration on Mac


IP configuration on Windows


Upon applying this configuration, the bootloader web user interface should appear:


 (If this does not appear, simply unplug your router, plug back in, and repeat step 3 again.)

4. Install firmware, part 2

Now that the GL-B1300 bootloader has been initiated and accessed, it's time to install: 

  1. Select Choose File and locate the firmware .bin file that was previously downloaded in step 2— upload this to the GL-B1300 bootloader and select Update Firmware
  2. Wait between 1-3 minutes for the Flash process to complete, until the WiFi LED on your GL-B1300 stops flashing and turns off. In some instances, this process may take longer.
  3. Re-configure your IP address back to DHCP or your preferred settings:

IP configuration on Mac


IP configuration on Windows


5. Register your device with Minim

Once steps 1-4 are complete, you will need to register your Minim-enabled GL-B1300 with Minim:

  1. Log in to the Minim Labs portal, (If you are brought back to the Minim Labs signup page, scroll down and select Already Registered? to be directed to the login page.)
  2. Select Add new Unum-enabled router
  3. Enter your GL-B1300's MAC address and select Submit

Create new Minim Labs Network

6. Access your device in the Minim Labs portal

After selecting Submit, you will be redirected back to your Device Provisioning dashboard, where you will find your GL-B1300 router under "Your Networks".

Selecting your router will bring you to your GL-B1300 LAN's Overview page. We highly recommend that you visit the "Router Settings" tab to edit your router's SSID / passphrase:

  • SSID - This is your WiFi network name of choice
  • Passphrase - This must be at least 8 characters


For troubleshooting, visit the Getting Started Guide for GL.iNet B1300 Wiki page. To submit a ticket for help, visit the Minim Labs GitHub page.

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