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Minim launches open source project and Minim Labs

We're kicking off the new year with a free alternative to home network management and security productsMinim_labs v3_2

Recent security news like the Google Home Hub security flaws, Sony Bravia Smart TV firmware bugs, and FreeRTOS device vulnerabilities all highlight the importance of having safe WiFi in homes. At Minim, it is our goal to provide homes with IoT security and network visibility in order to improve the connected device experience. Therefore, we could not be more excited to start the new year by announcing the release of our open source toolkit, which provides both home network tinkerers and software engineers the ability to manage and protect their home networks, for free.

"This announcement is core to our belief set at Minim," said Jeremy Hitchcock, Founder and CEO of Minim. "We think WiFi should be safe and accessible in every home, but smart homes are becoming complex network environments. By open sourcing our agent and giving technologists free access to our platform, we hope to build a global community that'll contribute valuable product feedback and code. It's a collective effort to simplify home WiFi management, accelerate IoT security, and promote open source software at the network edge."

The toolkit includes open source project "Unum" and Minim Labs:

Open source project "Unum"

Unum is a Linux-based software agent (Apache 2.0 License) for routers that identifies connected devices and securely streams device telemetry to the Minim platform. Unum can now be built for Raspbian and OpenWrt devices, as well as general Linux targets. 

Minim Labs

Minim Labs gives technologists the ability to install Unum on their routers and free access to the Minim platform. With Minim Labs, users are able to register up to 10 Unum-enabled devices and leverage Minim's web app, mobile app, and APIs for IoT fingerprinting, AI-powered recommendations, parental controls, security scans and more.

Getting started: startup kit and instructional guides

We have partnered with GL.iNet to offer a simple getting started kit, which contains the GL.iNet B1300, a powerful dual-band mesh router for the smart home— offered to the first 50 Minim Labs signups! In addition, you may choose from one of the following instructional guides to get started:

For home network tinkerers:

Visit the Minim Labs Raspberry Pi Guide

Visit the Minim Labs Gli.Net Guide

For software engineers:

Visit the Unum SDK


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