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The first Bring Your Own Network™ solution to secure and manage home office and business locations

Trusted by brands big and small

If your business is adapting to modern hybrid remote and on-site working, we think your network management solution should, too. 

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Ensure security and productivity

Forcivity’s national customer base depends on our staff to help them optimize vital sales and support operations... With tools like Minim, we’re able to ensure that this shift to working from home doesn’t compromise security or worker productivity.”

Steve Baines, Forcivity CEO

Bring Your Own Network

Access Points connect to the Minim cloud platform, which performs AI-driven behavioral analyses to manage and secure all things in the small office.

Minim for Work - Desktop
Minim for Work - Mobile
  • Minim Web Portal offers simple centralized management to Tier 1 IT
  • Automated SLAs for speed, latency, and signal, network health KPIs
  • Zero Touch Provisioning to purchase, provision, and activate APs
  • Distributed network reporting for  issues, busiest LANs, online/offline, and more
  • AP management for IT to remotely reboot, set channels, change SSID...
  • Minim Mobile App is an intuitive mobile app for employees
  • Guided WiFi system setup via the mobile app to get up and running in minutes
  • Layer 7 traffic identification fingerprints users, devices, content
  • Office policy management of users and devices for secure productivity
  • Pause listening devices like smart speakers during meetings or work hours
  • AI-driven Next-Gen IoT Firewall 
  • Malware protection for all IoT
  • Known exploit threat mitigation
  • Safe Mode for Google, YouTube, Bing
  • Network intrusion detection 
  • Ad block for performance and privacy
  • Work filters to block adult content 


Minim versus Meraki for the small office

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Cisco Meraki

Auto assisted office WiFi

Minim: Intuitive mobile app to setup, optimize, and customize the network.
Meraki: No easy app assistance. Built for Tier 3 IT personnel management.

Simple deployment

Minim: Zero Touch Provisioning. Guided in-office setup. Adapts to existing VPN solution.
Meraki: Requires Meraki infrastructure. Employees need IT support to set up.

Integrated office policies

Minim: Set user, device, content policies for their unique small office location, even home.
Meraki: Set manual policies across offices. No help for basic WiFi management.

Next Gen IoT Firewall

Minim: AI-driven consumer IoT fingerprinting (26-point) and protection.
Meraki: Requires advanced license and limited device fingerprinting, mainly OS.

Auto assisted centralized management

Minim: Tier 1 IT has clear visibility, suggestions, and control to assist remote workers.
Meraki: Complicated monitoring and maintenance across systems; many products.

Right-sized solution

Minim: Budget-friendly WiFi systems and simple licensing. Turn-key solution with AI-driven assistance for scale.
Meraki: Complex license schema. Full security requires several products and expensive systems.
The Minim System

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All plans include standard hardware— a Minim-powered mesh WiFi system or router— with an annual contract. Contact us for further volume and contract discounts.

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Learn more about how Minim helps you safeguard business continuity and data. Download this solution overview (PDF), and let us know if you have questions.