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Trusted Home by Irdeto & Minim wins Innovative Product of the Year award

Minim partner Irdeto has taken home an exciting award for the Trusted Home solution: Innovative Product of the Year IoT award at the Cyber Security Awards.

Irdeto wins innovative product of the year awardThe Trusted Home solution by Irdeto and Minim is an AI-driven network security and WiFi management solution for ISPs to safeguard customers' home networks. Their self-management app allows subscribers to gain control of their own security and connectivity on their home network.

Established in 2014, the Cyber Security Awards selects teams, companies, and individuals within the industry that display excellence in their field. Irdeto, who was selected for the Innovative Product of the Year award in IoT, was chosen by a panel of independent, industry-leading judges and awarded based on merit.

“It’s brilliant to be a winner for the Cyber Security Awards 2020 and gain further recognition for our hard work and achievements,” says Steeve Huin, the Chief Marketing Officer at Irdeto.

“I want to thank our employees and the Trusted Home team for their commitment to continuously develop the most innovative solutions for the cybersecurity business. We are excited to provide a solution that allows home users to control and manage their home network and keep their home network safe. This award is a testament to Irdeto’s commitment to always be in the forefront of the industry.”

To learn more about Irdeto’s Trusted Home solution, visit irdeto.com/trusted-home/.

About Irdeto

Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform security, protecting platforms and applications for video entertainment, video games, connected transport, connected health and IoT connected industries. Irdeto’s solutions and services enable customers to protect their revenue, create new offerings and fight cybercrime effectively. With more than 50 years of expertise in security, Irdeto’s software security technology and cyberservices protect more than six billion devices and applications for some of the world’s best-known and loved brands. With a unique heritage in security innovation, Irdeto is the well-established and reliable partner to build a secure future where people can embrace connectivity without fear.

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