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Transmit Magazine features Minim

We are very excited to have been featured in the Transmit Magazine issue for the SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® in Atlanta, GA that wrapped up today. 


The issue highlighted several other innovative solutions for enhancing the subscriber experience and expanding broadband to rural America— all driven by the key trends occurring in the broadband industry. 

WiFi has become a vital utility in the home

Likely one of the most prominent trends in the industry is the consumer's needs regarding WiFi.

As we discuss in the editorial:

"Analyst iGR estimates that 86% of in-home broadband now travels over WiFi, which aligns with the market growth of connected devices and their activities (e.g, OTT streaming) in the home. Today, the average home has 7 devices, and this is expected to more than double by 2020. As a result, connected homes increasingly demand a high-performance WiFi experience, wherein devices simply work as expected, security is not a concern, and connectivity is abundant in all corners of the home."


These new demands have put a strain on the operators, who are having to take ownership for supporting these connected devices all while trying to fulfill their promise of delivering a seamless, secure WiFi experience.

The IoT challenge in homes has created opportunity

Minim wants to help operators actualize the market opportunity brought on by the growing demand for connectivity in homes. Homes need to be empowered with tools for easily managing and securing their devices, and operators need to be empowered with tools for quickly troubleshooting home network problems. Minim provides applications for both operator and consumer that make residential WiFi management simple, secure, and even fun. The result? Happier customers and higher ARPU potential.

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