Sam Stelfox

Smart Home Cybersecurity Roundup [October 2021]

One month dedicated to cybersecurity awareness isn't enough. In this bonus cybersecurity roundup, we're diving deep into the latest firmware and IoT vulnerabilities to hit the news in October, such as malware, breaches, vulnerability patches, and more. Where possible, we provide additional documentation in the form of discovery reports and share best practices. To stay informed, subscribe to our ...

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Caleb McKee

Home network QoS: Modern smart home control

Home networks have more connected devices than ever, up from 11 devices per network in 2019 to 25 devices per network by the end of 2020 according to a survey by Deloitte. This era of connectivity also means more data transfer than ever, so how do we prevent network traffic jams? Introducing Quality of Service (QoS), settings in home networking hardware that allow for granular or pre-configured ...

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