Vivian Susko

WiFi standards explained: Is WiFi 6 worth it?

If you’ve purchased a new smartphone, laptop, game console, or tablet with the “WiFi 6” designation on the box in the past year, then you already own devices with WiFi 6 compatibility. Originally announced by the WiFi Alliance in October of 2018, this most recent generation of wireless connection is becoming the new standard for WiFi devices rolling out onto the market. These products often carry ...

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Nicole Zheng

Data usage by Xbox One and more consumer IoT [Analysis]

Do you ever ponder what your connected devices are up to?  With an average of 10 devices per broadband home, you might question:  When is Alexa listening in? How much data does my Xbox One consume? How would I know if a home device is hacked?  You're in luck. The Minim platform has a growing database of consumer Internet of Things (IoT) insights. Through AI-driven analysis, Minim knows when a ...

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